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Re: Thanks everyone


The Ur speedo will only show up to 255km/h (156mph?) after which the numbers
don't increase.  Kind of fun doing the estimating from the tach at those
speeds.  The car in question - an UrQ with a modified 20V RS2 engine and
trans.  FWIW the speedo showed over 240km/h when 6th gear got selected and
the acceleration process started all over again.

My UrQ has seen 228km/h indicated on a nice straight open section of
single-lane highway early in the morning on my way to Helsinki for a
meeting.  A guy with new E220 Diesel pulled out in front of me causing a
fairly sudden necessity to scrub off speed.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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>> I'd like to toss a question out there.. What is the fastest you have
>> gone in your quattro?
>147mph indicated (orange digital dash) - more likely a true 135mph.
>On the Bundesautobahn Muenchen-Stuttgart.  Was planning to slow down
>for the 120kph limit as you drop to the Stuttgarter Kreuz, but the oil
>warning light and buzzer stopped me first.
>Turned out to be a defective sender.
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