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pressing issue :-)

OK, so who's listening on a Sunday night?

I'm having problems pressing in replacement bushings for the rear trap arm
on my '87 5KTQ. No, the big ones are pretty easy. It's the front ones. I went
the route of ordering the replacement rubber from Carlson. This is instead of
ordering the entire part w/ metal mounting tabs and all for big $$.

I remember some lister in the past had done this and I need to know how to get
the new one in! The original one was bonded, so I know they just molded it in
place. The replacement should push in, but it has rubber flanges on each end,
they don't want to go in without deforming the flange. What's the secret?

I need to get these in and the car back together so I can drop it off to get
the new tires mounted (and car aligned). Does anyone know what I'm talking
about? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

	David Kavanagh