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RE: Another speeding ticket question

From:          "Jon Linkov" <njconn@email.msn.com>
To:            "Bob Rossato" <bob.rossato@att.net>,
               "Daniel Hussey" <dan_hussey@email.msn.com>, <pajono@ctconnect.com>,
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Subject:       RE: Another speeding ticket question
Date:          Sun, 10 Oct 1999 09:42:57 -0400

Jon wrote:

I think that is VASCAR, which computes the speed of the cops car compared to
the time it takes to close on the "offending" vehicle. I was clocked in MD
by one, no radar involved because my detector did not go off. This is what
the cop said. He never showed at the ticket hearing, so who knows if it was
BS or not. Ticket thrown out, I didn't care!

  VASCAR- I can't remember what each letter stands for(and you'd
think I would remember after being caught twice by it) but in CO
we have many little white lines that run across the highway in pairs
and are approximately 1/8th mile apart. This procedure takes more
than one officer(usually) to carry out. Here's how it was explained to
me: Jonny law #1 is at a vantage point where he can see both white
lines in perfect view. As you cross the first line, he enters it in his
computer in the cruiser. As You pass over line number two, he hits
another button as a finishing time. This computes exactly how fast 
you were travelling. In my case it was 83.7! Not 83, not 84 but 83.7
mph. No radar or laser to ever warn you of such a procedure because
none is used. Jonny #2 who is waiting just up the road and past white 
line #2 is being told by radio from Jonny #1 to pull car over. This is 
exactly how it was explained to me by the arresting officer and by the
D.A. in court. These white lines can also be used by airplanes I'm
assuming. I did see the white lines in NV and UT while going to 
Monterey. Do the rest of the states have them? 

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq
Colorado Springs, CO