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RE: Shogun pump alternative

A magnetic drive is?...........I don't know? What is it?
Kidding aside,

* In a "normal" pump you have a shaft (from the motor) that is connected to
the  pump impeller via mechanical means
* In a magnetic drive you have no physical contact between the motor and the
impeller, the contact is via magnets.
* To further explain the concept: take two magnets put a sheet of paper in
between and than turn/move one magnet. The magnetic force goes THROUGH the
paper and move the other magnet, your two magnets are linked to each other
via the magnetic force, there is no direct mechanical connection.
* The advantage to this type of drive is to eliminate the possibilities of
leakage between the pump and the motor.

The pumps that are used by Audi, VW, Porsche, BMW are nothing more than a
glorified windshield washer pump (more or less). Even the MB pumps that I
tested were not very good. I will not argue with the fact that they do (the
pumps) their job (more or less) but they are not a durable part!
The pumps (all of the above) are way too pricey and do not last a long time
in a corrosive  and hot environment; engine coolant.
Let us know how you come up,
Good luck,
Take care,

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What is magnetic drive???  Please explain?


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>If I am not mistaken the pump you are talking about has a magnetic drive,
>not a good set up. My suggestion is to stay away from it. If you must! Get
>new one, not a used one.
>Good luck,
>Using the shogun for over a year with great successes (as being the
>originator of the shogun craze!)
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>Hello listers,
>After myself buying a Shogun water pump and being amazed with it's size and
>weight, I have been looking into alternatives.  I want something smaller, a
>LOT lighter and works just as well.  I think I have found it.
>I was tearing into my dad's 944 turbo the other day to fix a very annoying
>idle problem and saw a similar aux water pump setup as on the 5ktq's, but
>this ones seemed to work really well.  In fact, I could see the coolant
>cycling in the coolant expansion tank as it turned on.  Looks much more
>solid than the stock ones, sounds great!, and seems to work well.  Plus,
>it's tiny and it's very light.  So, I think I am going to call around some
>junkyards tomorow and try to find one cheap and figure out how to install
>in my 200.
>When and if it's successfull, I'll be sure to let everyone know and detail
>installation instructions.