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Re: Light Watts in a 4kq

> Try locating some "super white" bulbs. They will perform a _lot_
> better than the blue ones and look better too.. When you compare the
> light of "super white" to regular bulbs, you will see the regular ones
> as almost yellow..
> The worst thing to get is normal bulbs with a blue cap. Ok, they look
> blue, but that cap will block a lot of light..

Well, I've bought (uh, ahem...) "super white" bulbs sold by GE and now,
Philips. Both are light-blue coated bulbs. Comparing them side-by-side,
*everything* is the same -- the die cut-out, the weld points, the
assembly, the color of plastic fillings -- everything. The only difference
is GE has "Made in Korea" stamped on it, while Philips got its own name on
it. Both got similar pricing, although you buy Philips in singles while GE
is sold in pairs.

Anyway... Can anyone tell me where I can get the plastic connector and the
spades for 9004??

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