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Re: FS 88 Avant 5spd

> > > newer. All standard options
> >
> > Always been curious about this phrase.  If it is 'standard', how could
it be
> > an 'option'?  And if it is an 'option', how could it be 'standard'.  Now
> > can understand standard equipment and optional equipment, but a standard
> > option?
> relative to Audis which usually seem to come "loaded", ie power
> everything, in the US market, where "all that stuff" is usually
> optional, i always figured it was the tortured result of semantics.
> Um, what I mean to say is...
> It was possible, especially in my era of "specialisation", to get an
> Audi with very few luxury features.  EG mine has no sunroof, did not
> have power windows or locks, and one of my parts cars had no power
> mirrors.  Rear window wipers were definitley an option not standard.  So
> all the nifty features are options.  But they seem to be kinda
> "standard" on almost all Audis...
> This isn't helping, is it?
> --
> Huw Powell
> On the verge of either a tremendous philosophical breakthrough or a
> psychotic break with reality.

Okay, so what you are saying is if enough people/dealers order certain
factory optional equipment, ie; sunroofs, CD's, all the 'nifty' features
then they become defacto standard?  IOW, options that are standardly
ordered?  Must be some people out there who don't want the "standard
options" or the factory would not make them optional, would they?

Gordie Bird (now more confused than ever)