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RE: U-O-U and ESP

Hmmmm.  ESP...  I wonder...  Think it'd help prevent tickets?  Just think
of it.  Advanced knowledge of where smokey is and where he isn't.  :-)  

At 01:32 PM 10/11/1999 -0600, Lawson, Dave wrote:
>>Is the US market being deprived of ESP? And - given Kacher's notes below -
>>is that A Good Thing?
>>From what I have read, ESP is being integrated into the Audi lineup and
>will eventually be available on most if not all models with quattro. The TTQ
>and S3 will also be getting it and the high end models now have it. As for
>it being a good thing, I don't think new car buyers have much of a choice.
>I would hope they come with off buttons.
>Dave Lawson
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