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urq brake MC questions

As I finished re-assembling the car after having two new wheel bearings
pressed into their struts, I noticed fluid all over the floor that
appears to be coming from the brake MC.  I am not sure yet if the
problem is the MC or the pressure regulator, but it seems to be the MC
upon initial examination.  I have two questions about replacing this:

(1) I know that some car has a slightly larger bore MC that will bolt
    to the urq, which may help compensate for the larger G60 calipers.
    What model is this?  ('91 200 comes to mind, but I don't have the
    ETKA right now)

(2) I know some inspired listers have installed the vacuum-based brake
    assist system from a 4Kq into their urq.  I immensely prefer the
    feel of my CGT brakes over the urq (more linear than the hydraulic
    system).  How complicated is the conversion, and does the urq
    gain the same pedal feel of the 4Kq/CGT?

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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