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Re: diffs and opinion II

While we are waiting for Jeff, here are a couple of sites to keep
us amused.


Note that the caption on the bottom-most diagram in the GRM article
is mislabeled (the top left car exhibits positive camber, and the
top right exhibits negative).  The text is correct in describing

My notes:

I use a tape and straight pins to measure toe.  Just put the pins
in some tire blocks on the front of the tires, positioned such that
you can get the tape across them without hitting the underside of
the car, and take a measurement.  Then roll the car back until the
pins have moved to the back side of the wheel well and take another

For camber, I use a cheapo JC Whitney bubble camber gauge.  Level
the car to less than 1/8" (about 0.11 degrees across the width) and
measure away.  My Whitney gauge was built with a knob that turns out
to be 1 turn per degree, so it is really easy use.  I calibrate it
with a big carpenter's level, then take absolute measurements.

Eric Fahlgren

OorQue@aol.com wrote:
> I keep threatening to write this up for *my* website but never remember to
> take any photos while I'm doing it.  However, since I'll be swapping springs
> on a friend's car either this weekend or next, depending upon when they
> arrive, I will have another chance to do so shortly.  Stay tuned...
> JG

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