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Re: Another speeding ticket question

> In a message dated 10/10/99 8:07:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, clark@rmi.net 
> writes:

> > These white lines can also be used by airplanes I'm
> >  assuming. I did see the white lines in NV and UT while going to 
> >  Monterey. Do the rest of the states have them? 

> I don't think they have this in the Seattle area.  I am sure you can still 
> fight the ticket with no problems.  Lawyers are so smart these days.

They do.  There are even signs telling you of the fact (N of Everett and
S of Tacoma as I recall).  Look for a white V on the shoulder...

Fortunately, the weather isn't that cooperative for the cops most of
the year :)

I suspect the lawyers do just as well on these as any other ticket
in WA.