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Re: Oil leak on 5ktq

Had the exact same thing happen in my '87 5ktq.
-The cause?
-Split in the michelin man hose! The split was dirrectly at the bottom of
the hose and was spraying the oil mist that accumulates in the ribs of the

-The fix?
-Renault to the resuce! I had no availability of the real audi part at 11 pm
so I went rummaging around in my spare parts boxes and happened to have a
bunch of Renault Fuego Turbo intake hoses lying around due to an ongoing
angine transplant, and used an intake hose from an '83 Fuego Turbo from the
turbo to the mass air flap. The hose was nearly identical to the Audi hose,
ribs and all. Then I took the original oval throttle body end of the
michelin man hose and cut it with just enough of the smaller diameter
portion of the hose left to get a hose clamp around, then I used a exhaust
patch piece about 1.5" long (2 1/16" O.D. I think) to join the Renault hose
to the throttle body.

-Result: my intake track now includes exhaust pieces, Renault bits, and even
a couple of Audi parts thrown in to keep me busy :-)

So just in case you've got a bunch o'Renaults lying around now you have a
use for some of them!

HTH! (yeah right)

'87 5kcstq (still mostly an Audi....for now ;-)

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Subject: Oil leak on 5ktq

> I have noticed an oil leak on my 87 5ktq with 140k miles. It is around the
> oil filter housing. I have replaced the oil filter and inspected the
> area, it's fine. The oil is on the back of the alternator, the positive
> bundle, both of the external oil lines and is hitting and smoking off of
> exhaust pipe where it bends and it's front is exposed. Any common places I
> should look? Are the external lines prone to cracking at this mileage?
> TIA,
> John Katos