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Quick trip summary

Just returned from a house-hunting trip in Colorado.  Drove the V8
5-speed out.  I had it loaded down with a trunk full of car magazines, a
back seat full of t-shirts, and more car magazines on the floor of all
the passenger seats.  Averaged 22.3 mpg calculated, not trip computer

Made 1500 miles in two days, half way point was Columbia MO.  2nd day was
done in two stints at the wheel.  The first was 6 hours (a full tank of
gas) the 2nd was 4.5 which got me to Colorado Springs.

There is a definite difference in power at altitude, but I just spent a
whole lot more time at high rpms.
Went up and down Ute Pass a lot.  Was averaging about 19.5 mpg.

Yesterday the fuel pump starting making noise after the climb to Woodland
Park with the outside temps fairly warm.  Once cool, the noise was gone
again.  During the trip I could smell a faint gas smell when climbing
hills or just after a spirited run away from slower traffic.  This seemed
to occur mostly when the tank was half full or more.

The car still isn't running quite right.  I'm sure I'll find a few more
things along the way.  Now I'm wondering about fuel delivery.  Maybe a
tired fuel pump or a check valve issue?

Greenville, SC for 2-3 more days then Woodland Park, CO
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