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Re: copyright, that mythical concept

>  i assume you are not trying to tell us that these things are immaterial to
>  the functioning of the device?  if you are, then a great number of 
>  have wasted a great deal of their time, and lodged patents for nothing.

No, I'm assuming the only Torsen design relevant to this discussion is the 
one Audi installed in the car ... after all, are they not the *only* car 
manufacturer to have ever used one in as a center diff in a series production 
AWD car?   

>  i suggested you contact chocholek and ask him about his role with gleason,
>  seeing as his name doesn't occur in the literature that counts.  simple
>  question really.

As is mine ... once again, who is the source for your info?  The fact that 
his name isn't listed on any patents does not constitute proof that he was 
merely a "technical writer" as you are claiming...