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'93 90S Cat breaking up

Sounds like my manual trans '93 90S is sucomming to the the reknowned
cat converter breakup. It would appear that I've made if farther than
most, as my mileage is at 109K.

Question for the collective:
Checked out

And they have a direct bolt in replacement for $278 or a universal fit
for $55.
Now I would think that a little custom exhaust work could make the
universal cat fit just fine for a lot less than $223(the difference
between the "bolt in" and the "universal"), so I was considering getting
two universal fit and having an exhaust shop fit them into the stock

Pro, cons, thoughts, opinions?

PS: Any lawyers out there interested in starting a class action lawsuit
against Audi so as we Manual tranny guys could get some money back. As
we all know, the recall for the auto tranny only models is a farce.

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