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who has best prices for eurolights for the 200?

>Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 01:16:18 EDT
>From: JordanVw@aol.com
>Subject: who has best prices for eurolights for the 200?
>i know a listmember is currently offering a good deal on the 100/ 5000n/a 
>style eurolights, but who has the best prices for the 5kT/200 eurolights?
>translation from DM into USD of the sets i posted earlier, comes to around 
>$525 or so a pair for the 200 eurolights, out of Germany. While this is 
>cheaper than Blau ($750 a pair) it's not as cheap as Denon performance 
>Products, which i have been told, sold them for around $470 or so for the 
>pair when you guys had that list purchase a while back. I called Denon, but 
>couldnt get an answer.  has anyone got them anywhere cheaper? 
>'86 5kT, TQ

Be very careful here - importing ONE set of lights will cost you a bunch!

Price of the lights, plus

currency conversion (as much as 7 to 10% - see what a great deal your local
friendly banker gives you on $500 worth of DM!)

airfreight, unless you want to wait 3 months or more, and have them arrive
smashed or simply disappear entirely

customs clearance fees from the customs broker (you'll be astonished! "Oh,
we have a $125 minimum fee on all shipments . . . "

Problems with US customs itself - these are NOT DOT approved lights and
Customs may decide that they are ILLEGAL to import, and either seize and
destroy them, or order them shipped back. . . . you lose either way.

In my direct, recent, personal experience, the only way to do this is to
import a bunch of them so you can split up the overhead among ten or twenty
sets, get ulcers getting them through customs, and then try to sell them,
one set at a time.

I did it, I ain't doing it again.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman (who has seen the lights)