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Re: Anyone selling an intercooler?

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 Javad wrote:

>  In a message dated 10/11/99 11:40:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>  mlped@concentric.net writes:
> << What's the downside to the TAP sports IC and why wouldn't one want one on a
> car?
> Is this a BTDT experience or something else?
>   Mike P. >>
>      There is not a big downside if you use it for the correct application... 
>  that is, cars originally equiped with the double pass IC.  Your S4, on the 
>  other hand, came with an excellent single pass intercooler that flows much 
>  better than even the double pass "Sport IC" from TAP.

I do hope you all realize that TAP has at least three different "Sport
IC" designs, including the double-pass for the the 5kt/200, a
single-pass replacement for the S4/S6 cars and a larger single-pass
design for the stock location on ur qs. I believe they also have the
numbers that show that their S4/S6 outflows the stock IC.  That says
nothing about efficiency of course.  There are a few S car owners on the
S list that have these.  Why not ask their opinions?

Not a plug for TAP by any means, just trying to clear up some
misunderstandings I see...

Steve Eiche
'91 200q
'82 Not So Ur q 20Vt