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RE: TT recall

Hans writes:
>Germany's Audi AG said on Tuesday it was recalling more than 40,000 
>of its Audi TT sports coupes worldwide to adjust their steering after 
>customers complained of "abrupt" handling in high speed turns.
>The Volkswagen AG subsidiary said it was contacting all Audi
>TT owners and would make the adjustments free of charge at its
>dealerships. More than half the Audi TT's sold since its launch
>last year belong to German drivers, the company said.
>"Customers have signalled that while driving the TT that
>its handling was too abrupt in extreme driving situations," an
>Audi spokesman said. The majority of TT's sold by the Ingolstadt-
>based car maker were bought in Europe, the Audi spokesman added. The 
>Audi TT has not yet been launched in Japan and only recently went on 
>sale in the United States.

Hans, any detail as to the "fix"?  When you read the above, steering doesn't 
come to mind in regards to "extreme driving situations".  The Haldex does 
immediately.  There is a delay of Haldex unlocking to avoid LTO.  Not enough 
delay?  Too much delay?  Drag 'n pop (nice U drift, then LTO).  Baseline 
chassis design problem:  How to define "extreme driving situation" in 
relation to geometry and design, given Haldex:  Do you assume Haldex 
intervention with 50/50 torque, or do you assume no Haldex intervention 100-0 
torque.  Or do you assume nobody really drives there.

Fascinating recall.  Anyone with more information?

Scott Justusson