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Cracked windshield help needed

Driving to work this morning, one of those huge Ford Expedition's (with no
mud flaps or stone guards on the rear wheels, BTW) fired a rock at my '92
100S, putting a nice 6 inch radius star pattern crack in the windshield. The
crater from the impact of the rock chipped off the outer ply of glass in
about a .25 inch circle down to the PVB innerlayer, so I doubt the "crack
wizard" repair would work here. Normally, I'd just contact the insurance
company (Erie Ins.), and have the windshield replaced under glass coverage.
But our insurance has taken a few big hits in the past year or so due to my
younger brother having 3 accidents (all his fault and involving other
vehicles, over $10k in payouts), which resulted in him getting thrown off
the policy. We were told the next infraction by any member left on the
policy may cause its cancellation. I would just wait a few months and then
submit the claim, but state inspection is due in November. I did manage to
get the Expedition's plate number. Can I go after the owner of the
Expedition for replacement of the windshield, or am I stuck paying myself
for this? I think its ridiculous the those damn SUV's which ride very high
off the road aren't equipped with mud flaps or stone guards on the rear
wheels. Trailer trucks are required to have them, so why not these SUV's?
Any opinions or BTDT's greatly appreciated.

'92 100S (84k)