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pressing issue, Part 2

OK, Now that the rear bushing are in, things seem pretty quiet back there.
I just have a question about bushing preload.

On the inner (rear) trapezoidal arm bushings, they seem to deform a bit once
the rest of the arm is bolted in place. So, I'm wondering what I can do to
minimize the failure of that part and keep balance in my suspension. While the
car was up on jack stands, I torqued the bolt to 63 lb/ft and life is good.
What I'm wondering is if I should put the car on ramps and loosen and re-torque
the bolt holding the bushing to the subframe? The difference is that the
will be torqued with the suspension in resting position intead of full droop.

So, the answer is?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Doesn't matter.
D. You have to much time on your hands.

I think it is A, but would belive C or D.... :-)


	David Kavanagh

PS. Now that the back is OK, the front is all loose. Ordering control arms,
tie rod ends, uppper strut bushing and bearings. Did the wheel bearings 80K
ago, they should last a bit longer, right?

PPS. Just a plug for Rod at TPC. Patience, knowledge and the best prices make
him tops in my book!