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RE: The good news and the bad news (long, sorry)

Dee - if what you are experiencing is a "when put in reverse, the mirror
automatically rotates and pivots DOWN to show you the curb for parallel
parking purposes" run amok problem, the mirror (at least on the S4) has to
be switched on for the feature to be engaged.  ?? If you were unable to
duplicate the malfunction, could you have turned the parking feature off?

If your car, "Baby" has this parking feature, could it have been engaged
when the shop put the door &, I'm assuming, the mirror back together (i.e.
set in the "show you the curb" mode) so that when you try to set it to
"normal" driving position it automatically pivots up, even though it appears
to you to be in proper position - in which case it may just be that the
mirror needs to be "reset" in its brackets.

Michael Pederson

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Its always so complicated.

I had found an independent place locally (Central Jersey) that works on
foreign cars, primarily German cars, and they themselves are into Porsche
racing. It appears that just about every employee drives a Porsche. I
that was a pretty good sign, so I had them do an in-between oil change and
ended up a lot cheaper than Audi service. That's why I brought Baby to them
for the 60K maintenance. They are roughly a third lower in price, and for
that they treat me like a princess instead of a dumb blonde (I won't mention
who does that).

Anyway, while it was in for the 60K I decided to have them paint the
passenger side door. There was a place where the paint had been rubbed off
the opening edge of the door as well as on the molding. The former owner had
tried to fix it but mostly made it worse. They body shop had come highly
recommended and they were very confident that they could match Baby's lovely
pearl paint....so I went for it. They had her from Tuesday evening until
Friday afternoon. (I really missed her!)

As far as I can tell, the servicing went without a hitch and the paint job,
in one word superb! A truly amazing job. However, they had to take the door
apart to do the painting and something went wrong when it went back
For some reason I cannot program the passenger side mirror to my key. So
every time I unlock the car, the mirror goes back to this crazy position
facing the sky. I tried reprograming the position with the key but it just
won't take. I brought it back the next day and would you believe they
couldn't *make* that happen again. So I go home. Needless to say, I have no
trouble making that happen again in my driveway, at the cleaners, at work at
the bagel place. So, I call and they say bring it in again. I do and guess
what....I stand there for 15 minutes with the guy locking and unlocking my
car and I CAN'T MAKE THE MIRROR MOVE! I go home again totally embarrassed

But AHA!! I think I know what's happening. The car has to sit for a while as
it typically does in the course of the day and them it happens. I'll be
calling them up again tomorrow. In the meantime, does anyone have anymore
insights on the whys and wherefores of this situation?

95A6q pearl