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Re: re Need p/n for mystery part

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From: "Smith, Kirby A" <kirby.a.smith@lmco.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:53:25 -0400

> The door problems are: 1) Window switch only works as a "one touch"(i.e. if
you press the switch to open, it rolls all the way down)
You need to remove switch, remove toggle, remove cover, clean contacts,
reassemble.  This is a 1 hr project,  more or less.  I can provide more
detail, but you will need some shim stock to do this efficiently.
I could use the detail, thanks. I think I have a few small bits of brass shim stock in three different gauges. Hope that'll work.
Thank you,

Michael Lemon
Kansas City, MO
'88 90q