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Gotta give a shout out...

I opened up a seriously large can of whup-ass on an Acura Integra type R
tonight! All he saw was three lines of code to explain why he couldn't
take me (in fact he saw my tailights disappear into the night) those
lines being AUDI GT -  TURBO! I feel a certain obligation to thank those
responsible for this so here goes!

To Andrew and Ken Bennett (2Bennett Audimotive, Davis CA), guys this was
the best money I ever spent! Albiet it was a long wait it was well worth
it. Anyone who needs a dose of speed injected into their car, call these
guys. 1 MC motor, Jamex lowering springs & shocks, delrin bushings, and
a new chip make one HELL of a difference to an otherwise stock 1984
Coupe GT!!!!

To Speed Merchant (San Jose CA) fast service installing a new 2.25 inch
free flow exhaust, high flow cat, and high flow Dynomax muffler (with
dual DTM tips)! I can feel the extra horses that this provided!

To W.E. Harding and Co. (San Jose CA) thanks for the new axles. Broke
the outer CV joints (stock) 2 days after picking up the car. HINT 15
year old CV joints do not handle the kind of power this car now makes.

To Ti Kan, thanks for the advise on the rear disc conversion off the VW
Scirocco! They work great & I have an E-brake too!

Well I am going to go now, perhaps we may meet on the road! To bad for
you if we do!

Jason Lyons & 1 completely hot rodded 1984 Coupe GT Turbo!