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Re: '88 5KS question

In message <199910111923.PAA13538@audifans.com> "Ken Keith" writes:

> Hey, wait.  I missed the earlier postings on this thread, but I had
> my fuel pump relay sitting here, for my '88 5kcstq, and it says
> "211" on the top.

> Is this the wrong fuel pump relay for my car?
> It's part number: 443 951 253F, and it says 89 8344 SHO above
> the p/n.

The last "211" relay I encountered is at the bottom of the lake
surrounding the Arrow Mill Hotel, where we hold the Area G meetings.

It was pitched there by myself right in front of the owner's eyes.

Take it apart and have a look.  The 'fuseholder' isn't connected.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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