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RE: Hot turning in a quattro - T*rsen content warning

Dave writes:
>i find it interesting that you should choose a low cf environment for these
>hypothetical tests scott.  i still have the certificate for coming 3rd over
>a muddy slalom course in my ur-quattro beating all but 1 of 20 subaru wrx's
>and legacy rs's.  not bad for a torsen...questions:

Hardly hypothetical, these are IME.  Please do share yours.

Appreciate your 3rd certificate' in the club setting.  BTW, I *won* the 
SCCA's first Rallycross at Steamboat Springs CO(out of 43 cars entered - 
entered in novice by the rules, won overall), in a borrowed Gen I locker 
10vt, against all sorts of cars, including torsen 20vt, scoobie doos, a 
couple 323's, 2 full prepped rally cars...  Not bad for a locker.  Not sure 
either story is relevent, but happy to share accomplishments...

>1) is the torque bias ratio exceeded in any of these hypotheticalmanoeuvres?

Make the claim, don't ask the question.  In the "less than" wot I'd say no.  
In the WOT you just might, but remember, a tire that starts spinning, makes 
the torsen shift torque.  I would venture to say, it can't happen with only 
steering input.  However, one interesting thing about torsens, watch them 
sometime in a turn (or on a straight line accel) on the slick, you get wheel 
spin AND torque transfer.  Remember, a torsen is dumb.  If you spin up both 
the front and the rear tires at the same time, the torsen doesn't know either 
is spinning, it just assumes the driveshafts are spinning the same speed.  A 
second of this, and then it starts to hunt.

2) is there any axle speed difference front/rear?  if so where.
Any speed axle difference would result in a front to rear alternate spin, 
it's in the presentation.  

>also you need to run the same scenarios with a locked centre diff.
U-U-U-U, remember, same cf

Appreciate the comments Dave.  Instead of asking questions, maybe you can 
walk thru each scenario as your white papers dictate the happenings.  Or if 
you agree, then we can go to the next step.  Let me know if you need anymore 
"given" data to make your presentation.


Scott Justusson