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Re: copyright, that mythical concept

>  yeah jeff, that is a convenient argument for you isn't it?  surely you 
>  acknowledge that, given the 1-part number nature of the diff, the more
>  likely explanation for different part numbers is different diffs,
>  particularly as the diff design has changed significantly over the years 
>  the public record), something which you now seem to acknowledge?

Okay, I'm listening: Exactly how do all these so-called "different" diffs 
>  wrt chocholek, you seem to be reluctant to call stan the man.  fine, drop 
>  his phone number, and i'll call him.

Hmm ... you won't provide me with a copy of the email upon which you based 
your allegation(s) upon but you expect me to provide you with his telephone 
number?  Fat chance, bub ... you show me yours and then I'll show you mine.