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Fwd: Audi V8 in Vanagon already exists!

just fwd over from the vanagon list....people will put anything into the 
vanagon to get rid of the lousy waterboxer.....  :<)

Hello power fetishists,
Last time when I wrote about the company that does the Audi V6- conversions
here in Bremen, Germany, they were trying to install the Audi V8. Now I know
that they finally did it!
I canīt tell you any details, but I saw an advertisment in one of our
VW-magazines, were they offered both the 6 and 8 cyl. (3,7ltrs.)

They are building up a website, but there is nothing to look at, yet. And I
donīt even know if an english version will be created.

That engine surely makes the tranny go to hell...