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Torsen finale ... at least for me, anyway

     You may be on the right path, but I'm not sure it's going to clear the hurdle with some. I'd suggested a while back that there may be several items involved. a) those that are not complaining about the Torsen equipment are non-US based, there may be some significance in that; b) there ARE personal preferences involved; c) Audi has different specs for left side drive engines, could they also have a different setup for the Torsen devices?; and some others.
     I had initially tried to keep up with the original discussion, but, as you pointed out, it became more of a verbal sniping contest than an actual discussion of facts. I've not followed this latest one because of that and only read your note due to the "finale" in the subject line, I wanted to see where you were on the topic. You haven't moved from what I remember from earlier material.
     Nice post and I wish the topic could be moved from the "personal" arena to a discussion of facts. My opinion last time, and is this time as well, is that until the prime opponents (technical term, not derogatory) can actually get together to do a "show me yours and I'll show you mine" comparison we'll not be able to see this resolved. The current U-O-U thread also seems to indicate that there are others who are aware of "something", but, again, resolution there will take having folk from both sides of the issue at the same place at the same time to do demos.
     Like you I don't intend to contribute any more in this one, and the only reason I got "sucked in" this time is 'cause *you* posted a finale.  ;-)