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Re: Turbo temperature measurement

Well- I could not kep silent any longer. I just installed an EGT sensor and 
gauge in my 95 RAM with turbocharged Cummins. There are at least 2 places for 
the sensor. Upstream and down stream from the turbo. I selected upstream and 
drilled and tapped the hole for the sensor in the exhaust manifold. The 
upside of this choice is you get quick and truer readings than for locations 
aft of the turbo. The down side of choosing this location is: 1) you must 
make sure you remove ALL the installation debris from the manifold before 
installing the sensor, and 2) you must make sure you drill the maniflold in 
an acceptable spot. There are webs inside for strength and you do not want to 
drill into one of those. HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 
1998 A8