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Re: NAC: PC Steering wheel sale

Also check out Gran Turismo 2 for the Playstation which is coming out
12/8/99 in the US.  This game has the S4, A4, A3, and TT.  The followng
link has a partial list of the cars:  http://psx.ign.com/news/10789.html.
Other German makes such as BMW(3,5,7,8 Series) and Mercedes(E55, C43, C55)
will also make an appeareance.  According to this web page Audi Sport is
an official tuner in the game.  Let's hope that a Sport quattrowill be one
of the bonus cars!!!  Also check out the Japanese Sony web site for game
development pics and game pics:

Ben Kwan
1985 4000S
1992 100CSq
1994 90S

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Mark L. Chang wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, pkyam wrote:
> > Do Quattros appear in any PC games?
> Yes - Codemasters make one, I can't recall the name.  Models the BTCC I
> believe.  Check their web site.
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