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Re: Crashed 86 4kcsq


I am so sorry about the loss of your 4kcsq, but really happy to hear the
occupants are relatively well. Unfortunately, it seems we read such stories
(details hardly vary) oh so often on this list. If you remember, I authored
such a post about 8 months ago.

The differences: mine was a 4k fwd; the offending vehicle was a Lexus;
impact was T-bone from side street off main road.

The similarities: driver was also in his late 60s; told responding officers
that he did not know why or how the situation occurred - just kept saying
"sorry"; I was well aware of what happened and the sequence of events; my
car was spun around to suffer a second hit; my car was an obvious "insurance
total"; the car protected me well; my car was well fit to drive away aside
from a fender abrading a rear tire; I loved the car and maintained it to the
best of my ability; I felt violated having the car I was so attached to
ripped away from me.

Having gotten the offending Audi off the road ahead of him, the maniac
passed on the left and cut in front of the slowing Audi, standing on his
brakes.  The maniac got stopped before the Audi, and the Audi smacked into
the driver quarter panel of the maniac.
Sounds like this guy is devoid of driving sense or driving skills.

All the doors opened and closed. None of the passengers (2) or the driver
got injured.
What an amazing vehicle!

The car is sure to be totalled by the insurance company, but with the left
wheel well pulled out, it would drive normally.  The already tiny trunk is
about a foot shorter, mostly on the driver's side.  Both front corners of
the hood and fenders got flattened, one by hitting orange barrels, the
other by hitting the quarter panel of the Olds.
Could the trunk really be smaller ? ;-) One of the few things I prefer in my
4ks is the deep spacious trunk.

For those interested in parts scavenging: The engine was replaced this year
by a low-miles used one, with new seals, water pump and idler pulley,
rebuilt alternator, new clutch and slave, new master cylinder and brake
proportioner, new rear calipers, emergency cables, rotors and pads. The
tranny was flawless and all the quattro stuff was good. I replaced all 4
springs with selected used ones from a 1984 quattro, and they really did
the job. Thanks Al Swackhammer. The fuel lines were all redone a few years
ago. The interior is black leather in good shape, and the seat heaters
work. And it has all its door handles and window switches and innards.And
the front spoiler is OK, as are the ground effects on both sides.
Sounds like a great car. I would just LOVE that interior. Unfortunately, it
doesn't seem practical with the miles separating us.

State farm rep looks at it tomorrow, and is certain to total it.  Then they
will cart it away and I will lose track of it. Speak now if you want it, so
I can ask what they will sell it back to me for.
The guy who hit me was insured with GEICO. They told me they weren't
interested in the car for salvage & I could keep it. Their only concern was
the storage fees charged by the body shop & wanted it out of there. So, I
obliged them & got it out of there. Fixed it up cheap with used body parts &
I have a really great spare. Is this an option for you?

86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
86 4KS      Spare