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Re: copyright, that mythical concept

I agree.  I delete most of the rest of them, unless they specifically 
interest me.


>From: "Lawson, Dave" <dlawson@ball.com>
>To: quattro list <quattro@audifans.com>
>Subject: RE: copyright, that mythical concept
>Date: Wed, Oct 13, 1999, 11:59 AM

> Brett writes:
>>Dave & Co, much as I respect your opinions and value you as members
>>of the list, I'm getting really tired of reading message after
>>message between a VERY small group of you complaining at and
>>insulting each other, spouting on and on in the most incredibly
>>nasty, sarcastically, irritable way about something no one gives a
>>flying bottle of pentosin(sorry, first thing that came to mind, given
>>that my car is spouting it at the wonderful rate of $10/day, much to
>>the joy of the local dealer.)
> I can only assume that Brett is speaking for himself, if he doesn't care
> about this subject or if anyone else shares these same feelings, hit
> the big D key. I know am in minority, but there are still advances being
> made in understanding and documenting how the Torsen quattro system
> works and I am interested in following it.  Although it is occuring at a
> somewhat slow and tortuous pace. It's now 3+ years and counting....
> And for me, there is some personal enjoyment which comes from reading
> the daily proceedings of the flamefest known as "As the spider gears turn".
> I vote to keep those entertaining and informative posts coming, I'm reading
> and archiving every one. The Trguth is out there.
> -
> Dave Lawson