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Re: UFO vs. G60 Wars, Redux

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Greg Amy wrote:

> Oh, yeah, I'm stirring up the pot a little bit. I've got direct performance
> numbers on UFOs s G60 brakes.

Time for some more stirring... :-)

> G60 vs. UFO, I decided to test it out. I bought a Tesla Engineering GTech
> Pro (http://www.gtechpro.com/).


> All tests were done in a 1991 200q 20v (125K miles), H&R springs with
> Bilstein shocks, 17x8.5" Borbet Type C wheels, 245/40-17 Dunlop 8000 tires,
> with a full tank of fuel and my passenger (180 pounds-ish) and me (195
> pounds). Left the spare tire and tools in the car.

My car is a '91 V8 5-speed, BBS RC 17x8 w/ Nitto NT555 235/45-17, 
Bilstein Sports, stock springs, half tank of fuel, me and my three sons 
(5, 3 and 1.5 years) in the car (probably 4100-4200 pounds overall)

> With the UFO brakes, the car stopped in 164 feet. This was an average over 6
> stops, with a range of 162-168 feet. Pedal pressure was fine, and feedback
> good. I could really tell the brakes were getting old, though, as it just
> didn't feel like it had the "grip" of the pads I was looking for. I couldn't
> Here's where the surprising part comes in. Through 6 stops the car averaged
> 138 feet stopping distance, with a range of 134-140 feet. The pedal travel
> was longer, but once the pads bit it hauled the car down MUCH faster. I
> could easily engage the ABS immediately upon hard braking. The difference
> was startling.

My car with older UFOs and Jurid brake pads stopped from 60 mph in 129 feet.

I only got one stop in, so its not a reliable number statistically,
however, I've found that the G-tech is relatively reliable and consistent
on previous tests on other cars.  I also noticed that in that one stop, the
ABS lost its cool, and got confused.  I am sure that I'll do better with
the ABS off, or with better modulation of the pedal even with the ABS on. 
I'll try to get a few runs in over the next few days and report back. 

My sons thought I was nuts! :-)

For reference, I think the new Impala stops in less than 120 feet, 
although I wouldn't want to do that all day long on a track.  I should 
bring my Gtech out to the Proving grounds and try it I suppose.

Graydon D. Stuckey
'91 V8 Quattro 5-speed		'86 Mazda RX7 TII+2
I have a new address for my webpage - no ads!  :-)