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Re: Alignment

>  Following the argument that the rubber components in the suspension distort
>  when the car is loaded, car A will have a different alignment when driven,
>  whereas any change in the alignment of car B will be much smaller, perhaps
>  very close to no change.
>  Could this be why car A doesn't bite but car B does?
>  May be there are valid reasons behind the Audi specifications after all. Of
>  course the one thing that we can't do is to drive car A without adding a
>  drivers weight and see if it bites - telekinesis anybody?

Unfortunately, Audi has no way of knowing what the final alignment will be 
when their method is used -- like I said, if the car is aligned in unladen 
form, then a 110-pound driver gets a different alignment than a 240-pound 
driver -- and it seems very unlikely (to me, anyway) that adding a random 
variable to the equation would solve a problem instead of creating one.