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Re: Alignment

Sonar465@aol.com decided to speak these words:

>I am by no means an expert on alignment but I do not see how a car with 
>macpherson struts could "lose" camber when the river gets out.  In the last 
>post JG said that the camber is set at -1.9 deg with him in the car but with 
>no one in the car the camber is -2 deg on one side and -2.1 on the other.  
>I missing something?

Well, the higher up the car sits, basically moving the static height 
upwards on the stroke, camber is lost because of the arc of the control 
arm relative to the upper mount, in addition, it starts toe-ing out as 
well....toe-out on front bad, lost camber, bad...hehe


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