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Re: Torsen finale ... at least for me, anyway

Earlier, Mark L. Chang wrote:
> Okay.  Time to add my couple Rupees to this discussion.
> I say we take up a collection to send either Scott and Jeff over to the UK
> to drive Phil's Avant, or buy Phil a ticket to come over to Chicago to
> drive someone's CQ or other Torsen-equipped car.  Hell, he can drive my
> 90q20v.

    Hey ...   how about we buy TWO tickets to the UK ...  (one way)

    They they can argue it out over a few black & tans in a pub,
    and we won't have to listen to any of it any more?
> 1000 listers, each chipping in ONE US dollar ($1) will get ...

    Where do we sent the dollar?

    - Charlie