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Re: Alignment

>  It'd be my guess that Phil could care less what someone else does to tailor
>  their alignment to their perception of "better" fit as long as they don't
>  try to impose their fit on him or waste his costly band width complaining
>  about their results.

If he doesn't care, then why did he take issue with my method?  I'm not 
imposing anything upon anybody, I'm merely explaining (and subsequently 
defending) what I do and why in response to the NINE requests I received over 
the past few days asking me to do so.

If Phil wants to have his cars aligned strictly by the book using the latest 
high-zoot alignment rack or a compass and sextant, that's his business not 
mine.  These days, the only cars that concern me are mine ... the three I'm 
hoping to keep running and the one I'm still trying to get running.  :^)