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A look inside 200k mi. engine

Hi all,
    My engine swap into my '83 CGT is going well so far.  Last night I 
pulled the head off the old engine on my stand, and was *amazed* to find at 
least 1/8" carbon&oil deposits built up on the top of each piston!  On #4 
cyl, which had the most buildup, there were two noticable rings in the 
buildup which - coincidentally enough, were the same diameter as the bottom 
of the valves.  Heh, wonder what the compression ratio in that cyl. was?!

My dad, who spent 43 years working on steam and diesel locomotives, as well 
as airplane and tank engines for a while, couldn't believe the amount of 
crap sitting on the pistons!  Scary to think of that stuff flying around in 
the combustion chamber, getting stuck around the valves, etc...

Anyway, got me to thinking if that engine has 200k and so much stuff in the 
cylinders, wonder what my 4k with 300k looks like.  Probably pull the plugs 
this weekend and stick a vacuum hose in there to see what comes out!


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