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Re: yellow Koni's w/ stock springs for a 4kq?

In a message dated 10/14/99 10:42:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
coolian@thecia.net writes:

<< Now, I may be in error...BUT, I've heard it said that aftermarket "harder" 
 shocks/struts need a stronger, sitffer spring for ride comfort because of 
 the different rate of compression...And vice versa...

    Consequently, a stiffer spring requires more work from a strut/shock 
because it is trying to overcome much more force from the stiffer spring.  
Thus, a soft strut with a stiff spring will not only self destruct, but not 
provide an adequate amount of dampening either.  I don't know how ride 
comfort comes into this for you, but it is also consequental that stiffer 
shocks and springs _typically_ will result in less ride comfort (more 
harshness and vibration)  If its a stiff suspension you want, that is what 
you'll get...
88 80Q