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RE: Alignment

In message <000d01bf16c9$c4843720$59916420@fremontpeak> bbell@surview.com writes:

> Seems everyone agrees the torsen can shift torque rapidly from one axle to
> another. Everyone also seems to agree that front drivers tend to understeer
> and rear drivers are more prone to oversteer. Then *why* do we have such a
> hard time getting agreement that the shifting torque (F/R)will transfer
> behavior from Understeer to oversteer? This does not seem to be a great leap
> of logic to my small mind.

I agree.  Except that (at least on both of my Torsen cars) it flat
doesn't happen.  Bear the situation in mind - a car very close to the
limit and under power.  Classic understeer is simply the front axle
starting to slip - the Torsen then shifts power backwards and the
result is that the rear slips by the same amount - classic understeer
then becomes a graceful and predictable four-wheel drift.

In this situation, you can simply centre the wheel and steer with the
throttle.  If the car is aligned properly.

 Phil Payne
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