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Re: Just how hard is a EM R&R on a CGT??

> Anyone have a real-world, step-by-step description of the
> exhaust manifold removal procedure, specifically for a Coupe
> GT? I understand perfectly what's involved (get the intake
> out of the way, remove cracked EM, remove broken studs by
> hook or crook, installation is reverse of removal etc
> etc)... but how long does this really take, assuming access
> to reasonable facilities and tools? Thinking of putting a
> 4kq "header" in and solving the last outstanding mechanical
> question mark on the '85.

looking briefly at a head on the bench with both manifolds still
basically rusted onto it, you could pull the EM alone.  If you can get
at the nuts, turn them, etc.

The rearmost bottom one is a real PITA, no socket will go there, on the
4kq EM the rear lower two I think require boring wrench turning (1/12
turn at a time).

there is a boss on the tranny that should be cut off, it will touch the
4kq DP otherwise.

If you pull the IM first (might as well, right?) go really slowly on
those bolts - you *do not* want to have to drill them out and they are
very easy to strip.  Clean them out first (they are allen heads) and
make sure your tool is seated well.  IF you have have to drill any out
your life will start to suck.  After you drill the head of the bolt off
with a 90 degree head drill, you can only slide the IM out about 1/4"
from the head because in that straight line direction forced by the rest
of the bolt, the EM is in the way and you have to go in with a sawzall
or something and cut off the offending bolt near the head.  Fun.  (of
course by then it might just turn by hand with a long needle nose

this is not to say don't do it, just be careful with some of those

For the price of a head gasket and bolts, why not do it all with the
head off the car?

heck might as well pull the block too, oh nevermind

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250