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Audi Press Release

Audi responds to wishes from TT owners

Audi is responding to the wishes of TT owners for modified handling
of its successful sportscar the Audi TT.

Before the end of this week Audi will present a catalogue of measures
which encompass further technical modifications.  These are in addition
to the decision already taken to install a new stabiliser.  Together
this will make the dynamic driving limits more noticeable at an earlier
stage and facilitate handling in on-the-limit situations.

The modifications which are planned will be introduced into series
production shortly.  In addition, Audi will inform all TT owners of the
situation and invite them to visit their dealer.  These modifications,
which are free of charge, will be carried out as soon as parts are


And there we have it.  If I read correctly between the lines, Audi
intend to make the TT feel unstable at some point before the point
at which all these accidents have been occurring.  It stops some
way short of promising an ESP retro-fit, which many owners have been

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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