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Re: URQ sorting out


    William Magliocco has posted recently about a similar problem with his
'86 5kt - #2 is running rich and carboning up, other cyls are OK. He's
checked his compression and it's OK, he also installed new wires, cap, &
rotor. I think he's checking his fuel distribution system now - you may want
to get in touch  wmagliocco@sprintmail.com

It may be something similar to your problem.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km
'94 S4  90k km

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> Made a depressing discovery tonight, that I think explains why I can't
> in the fuel system. Gave up with the meters and gauges, and went with what
> has served me well for 25 years; ear & reading plugs.
> When I first got the car together, and started for the first time, it was
> very rich and sooted/carboned the plugs. As I grew closer to spec, the
> started to lighten up and gradually burn off the carbon. To get a more
> accurate read, I put in the set of plugs from my donor Coupe. Number 2
> now shows black and wet after a road test, while the rest all look great.
> Tomorrow I'll have to buy a compression gauge and test it wet and dry to
> if it's a valve seal or ring problem. Has anyone replaced valve seals
> the compressed air to hold the valve up system with the head on the car?
> thinking it might just be better to pull the head and do the valves.
> I sure didn't want to do this much to the motor, but "them's the breaks."
> The recent talk about water injection has me wandering about holding the
> up, injecting some water spray to "decarbonize" before disassembly. Good
> bad idea?
> FWIW the wires are from the Coupe and were doing great when removed.
> AHA, now I know why the car was being disassembled to get a 20V motor.
> OH CRAP!! I just realized that this will entail dealing with the dreaded
> studs. Now I'm really depressed.
> I do have a used turbo motor that followed me home from the Santa Fe
> dispersal. It's a KH 012 390 with an 035 103 373 AB head. Is any of that
> any use to me now? The URQ head is a 035 103 373 G. What is the difference
> between the AB head and the G head? Are the cams or valves
> Sorry about the bandwidth Phil, but I need help
> Down but not out in Denver ( I _will_ persevere )
> Dennis