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Re: Fwd: A look inside 200k mi. engine

On my 90Q20v it has just over 300km, the head was pulled at 287 and there
wasn't a spec of carbon on the head, pistons or valves. Compression was well
within spec. I replaced some valve guides, that was it. 
I have used the Chevron or VW Techron additive since new. Guess it helps. 

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:02:14 EDT, JShadzi@aol.com wrote:

> << <<My dad, who spent 43 years working on steam and diesel locomotives,
> well 
>  as airplane and tank engines for a while, couldn't believe the amount of

>  crap sitting on the pistons!  Scary to think of that stuff flying around
>  the combustion chamber, getting stuck around the valves, etc...
>  Anyway, got me to thinking if that engine has 200k and so much stuff in
>  cylinders, wonder what my 4k with 300k looks like.  Probably pull the
>  this weekend and stick a vacuum hose in there to see what comes out!
>  Alan>>>
>  My coupe GT, which had over 200k mi when I pulled off the head, was 
> amazingly in excellent shape.  In fact, the factory hone pattern on the 
> cylinder walls was still there, and there was no uneven wear on the
> walls.  Compression was still within spec too.  The only problem was that
> valve guide seals were worn and leaking.  From othere motors I have
> and others I have talked too, I dont think my experience was too rare.  I

> have to question the maintenence history of a motor like yours with so
> gunk in the combustion chamber?
>  Javad Shadzi
>  88 80Q >>

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