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Audi 100 Avant Q propshaft help


>From: "Iain Atkinson (ETL)" <iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se>
>Subject: Audi 100 Avant Q propshaft help

>I was wondering if the collective have any wisdom and BTDT to share on re
building the prop on these cars, in particular the centre bearing and CV's.
I have looked in the archives and there is some stuff on 4k's but little or
nothing for the 100 Q or 5k.

Well, I'm in the middle of this on my 86 5KTQ. When I got the car
(semi-basket case), the center drive shaft was out and apart, with a spare
universal joint in a box, COD from somewhere. Turns out there are some bits
missing, and there was an assembly problem, so I bought a complete used
shaft for $90 from Chris Semple. Once I looked at a correctly assembled
shaft, I quickly realized what was wrong with mine. ("Why does the center
bearing lock when I start to tighten the yoke retainer bolt?" Answer:
SOMEONE - not me - assembled it incorrectly, and you can't see the correct
order or orientation in the Bentley!)

Parts available include the CV joints, the dust boots for them, and with a
Mercedes part number, the center bearing and rubber mount. I think I recall
reading that the M-B mount has to have two tabs welded onto it, but I'm not
sure. You also need two paper gaskets, one at each end of the  drive shaft,
pn 183 521 141 A, shouldn't cost more than a few thousand Dm each (ouch!)
The Mercedes part is off their type 124 body (some sedan or other).

Mr. Bentley shows a home-made alignment tool for re-installation. The shaft
must be straight, and is adjusted by washers between the tabs on the
bearing carriers (adjusts up and down). The holes in the tabs are slotted,
so you can also move the center bearing right and left.

Blau has information on their website about taking the shaft apart - the
crucial thing is to mark all parts for alignment or balance will be lost
(which was another reason I decided on a complete replacement shaft).

I still need and am looking for ONE of the stamped metal disc-shaped dust
covers that goes directly next to the bearing. anyone have one of these???
The family album does not show a separate part number.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman