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Re: Differential Pressure Regulator

"Bhatti, Mohammed" <MOHAMMEDB@iadb.org> wrote:

> Replaced the O rings but still
> there was a leak, again between the dpr and the fuel dist.  So, I then used
> some gasket sealer around the edge of the dpr with new O rings and put the
> thing back in place.  No leak between the the dpr and fuel dist but I notice
> a leak at the front of the dpr and the sides on the actual body of the dpr.
> If you look closely, you might notice small indents on the body of the dpr.
> The fuel was leaking from these indents.  Don't know how, whether it's
> related to the filter change or it just went bad.  I've tried everything to
> stop the leak except trying another unit.  So that's the story.

I did the o-rings on my 87 5kq as well and it didn't do the
trick.  I ended up going to the 'recyclers'  and pulling the
dpr off a donor.  I was actually surprised to find it on the
car because most of the donors around here are picked clean
before I get a chance to take a peek.  I think mine
developed a crack somewhere, but I don't know for sure, i.e.
couldn't see any.  The used dpr cost me $10 cdn.  Dealer in
Nova Scotia wants ~$350 for one of these babies!  >choke<
No more leak tho'.  (hands pressed tightly together and held
aloft toward the heavens - just in case:)