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Re: A New Look at Torsens

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From: Lewis, Gary M <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>

> 1. Dave Eaton
> 2. Phil Payne
> 3. Jeff Goggin (AKA Audi Dudi)
> 4. Scott Justenssen (AKA QSHIPQ)

> Do any of the people listed above seem like they would be liars, confused,
> or stupid?  Is it possible that all 4 of you are right?  That Phil and
> have never experienced or heard of (except us) the Bite?  Why not?  That
> Scott and Jeff have Biter's all the time?  Why here (USA) and not there
> (England, NZ, anywhere else)?
> The challenge I throw to everyone interested in this issue, esp. those
> listed, is to explain why Dave and Phil don't experience bite, and Scott
> Dave do.  Assuming that both parties legitimately are correct in there
> positions, why don't Englsih and NZ spiders bite, and American spiders do?
Lets try this one then - whats the big difference between the cars driven by
Dave & Phil and those driven by Jeff & Scott?

Where the driver sits.

Dave & Phil sit on the righthand side, Jeff & Scott on the left, so the cg
of their cars are different. Now unless Audi build cars that have a cg on
the centreline when unlanden (bet they don't) then the cg's when loaded will
be in different places, not just displaced by similar amounts left or right.
We probably all know how the positioning of a load can affect the handling
of a vehicle. I'm not saying that this is the answer but it could well be a
contributing factor.
Another thing - if I remember correctly the last time that this thread
raised its head part of the argument was along the lines of 'as Torsen's
bite then a Torsen Ur-q will'. Phil and Dave have driven Torsen Ur-q's (as
have I and mine is _way_ out of alignment) and haven't found the bite -
maybe a combination of the different cg
and Ur-q chassis/suspension have moved the bite point outside the handling
envelope of an Ur-q? Before the Torsen reaches the 'bite' the driver has
already lost it... a thought anyway.

Jim Haseltine