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Re: 4000 Exhaust Part Question

> I've been to all the local parts stores trying to get the steel exhaust
> gasket that fits between the front pipe and the catalytic converter for
> my 84 4000S Quattro.  Each store has a listing for 84 non-quattro and
> 85-87 quattro, but nothing for an 84 quattro.  Does anyone know where I
> can get this part other than the dealership? 

1. it's the same for 84 as 85-87.

2. it's just an exhaust donut, so incredibly generic it's scary - I buy
new ones almost neurotically, I'm about 3 ahead of using them.  Not that
I could give you a part number or anything... but they are for 2.25" OD
pipe, they are the same ones used thorughout the 80-83 5kt exhaust
system (the 4k gets smaller immediately after the cat)

3. you could try 256-937 as a p/n, I bought one of these at the same
time as 5 ex gaskets, 1 intake gasket, and one manifold to downpipe
gasket - so I bet it is the one you mean.  trouble is, that is some
aftermarket #.  So go to my web site, go to links, go to Atlantic
Imported where I buy this stuff, and call Klaus if he's there tomorrow
and check if that is the right one....

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250