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Re: Aligning a quattro

In a message dated 10/16/99 9:15:46 AM Central Daylight Time, 
quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk writes:

> The rear toe setting is -5 minutes, plus or minus 5 minutes.  A quarter
>  tank of petrol in a 2 tonne car is hardly going to make any difference
>  to a measurement with 100% tolerance either side.

Problem:  Camber affects toe on any suspension with a steering arm.  Look 
further in Fred Puhns books on this for more reference.  You now discount the 
1/4 tank of gas.  Do yourself a favor, put ~40lbs (approximate 1/4 tank 
weight) over your gas tank, and give us the rear toe/camber readings, then 
compare that with ~176lbs of a fully loaded tank.  Might help you understand 
my point about removing the A/C as well.  Put 120lbs over the radiator, and 
ck both front and rear toe/camber settings, take it off - measure.  Remember 
too, that the steering arm is *in front* on the front suspension and *in the 
rear* on the rear suspension.  What does that do to the respective camber v 
toe measures?
>  Someone I will not identify sent me a wonderful quote about rear toe
>  angles:
>     "Rear toe setting should be close to zero, with perhaps a tiny
>      bit of toe-in to minimize oversteer on very powerful cars.  If
>      you ever have toe-out on the rear, you can expect all sorts of
>      wild things to happen, mostly instability and oversteer.
>      Check for rear toe-out if scary things are happening out
>      there."
>     "How to make your car handle" by Fred Puhn.

So, with 150 more HP than stock in an Urq, what should we do to the toe 
alignment spec per Bentley?  At "what" fuel level would you recommend if 1/4 
makes little difference?  Any suggestions on toe with the A/C removed from an 

Your posts are conflicting themselves.  Please clarify.  Thanks.

Scott Justusson