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FS: 86 5KTQW

A friend of mine has a 86 5ktq wagon he has decided to sell. I now have 4
Audis, so I decided I didn't need to add to my collection. Told him I would
post a message if anyone was interested.
Some info on the car.. Graphite metallic with black leather interior. 140k
miles. Excellent condition on exterior, pretty decent interior.(drivers seat
stitching loose). New rack , PS pump, brakes done and ALL door handles work!
Probably needs some minor tinkering.Car located in western Michigan. Contact
Brian @ 231-845-7125(work) 231-843-2341(home).
Usual disclaimers apply...
Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 V8q