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RE: Re: Aligning a quattro

Huw feels compelled to write:
>Yours are a conflict in themselves...

Meaning what?

>Since no one answered my "custom alignment" question can I now demand
>that they do?

Do you understand an alignment?  Or are you just looking for answers for 
yourself?  I have no problems with someone trying to make some correlation in 
an alignment, but it raises more questions to those that understand and do 
alignments for a living.  IF you *want* to learn more about your "custom" 
alignment, how bout posting up your understanding of them.  Otherwise, Huw, I 
might suggest a pass on anything but stock per Bentley.

>PS just because you're doing a lot of posting doesn't make you a "we" -
>I think the list policing could be left up to Dan, who would of course
>have the right to use the ("royal") first person plural.  You don't. 
>(unless you have a tapeworm, of course.  my condolences to the tapeworm)

Not sure what that means either, do you want to take this off list and 
explain it privately?  I REALLY appreciate *all* your posts in the last 
couple of weeks Huw.  Now you are in the hole some with WOB.  How bout you 
post up an informative post on what quattro owners can do to improve the 
speakers in their respective cars.  I have very little knowlege, experience 
or btdt, and it might prove helpful to all of us (that's a 'we' I'm willing 
to take the heat for).

Come on.  Make a claim or a statement, or argue something with *information* 
or *btdt*  Huw.  Your posts to date do none of them, they just challenge or 
"defend" or "demand".  You have access to books and information.  Please try 
to educate yourself to the topics you feel so compelled to enter.

Respectfully submitted to the collective 'we'

Scott Justusson